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65W GaN USB C Charger with 1TB SSD, 4K HDM


65W GaN USB C Charger with 1TB SSD, 4K HDMI, TV Mode & 3-Port Fast Charging

*GaN Charger - 65W PD/QC Fast Charging: The  USB C Hub is equipped with GaN charging technology for 65W fast charging, making charging your devices quick and convenient.
*4K HDMI DISPLAY - HDMI HUB External Display: The HDMI port supports 4K@30Hz for a high-quality visual experience when connected to external displays.
*SSD DOCKING - Extra Storage Up To 1TB:  features an SSD docking station, providing extra storage space of up to 1TB and read/write speeds of up to 550MB/s.
*FILE STORAGE - Large File Syncing/Transferring: The  USB C Hub makes syncing and transferring large files fast and convenient, perfect for working on-the-go.
*Backup YOUR Data WHILE CHARGING Compatible with MacBook and windows Laptop: It is compatible with MacBook and windows laptop, allowing you to backup your data while charging.
*Mobile Productivity On The Go
*Play While Charging
*Support TV Mode